Stephen Hussey has become one of the most innovative and in demand arrangers on the London session scene. Having spent his career working with many top recording artists, Stephen has mastered translating classical conventions to contemporary music sensibilities. Gifted with perfect pitch, his ability to blend styles, borrow from influences and cross easily between genres has ensured he has stayed in constant demand. The list of artists he has worked with includes: Nightmares On Wax, Destiny's Child, Natalie Imbruglia, Peter Andre, Alesha Dixon and Heather Small / M-People.


Behind the Scenes: Denise Pearson and Stephen Hussey recording 'Free Fall', a song from her debut solo album - Imprint

Stephen Hussey arranged the iconic track Blackwater for Octave One

Stephen Hussey arranged the classic track Les Nuits for Nightmares on Wax

USO & Sir Piers original composition 'Fools Theme' used in Akvinta's Hollywood domino party in Cannes video showreel

Octave One live with members of Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich NP "Jazzo" conducted and arranged by Stephen Hussey


It was a great pleasure working with Stephen Hussey and the Urban Soul Orchestra. Their work on Blackwater helped to transform a good record into a classic record! One of the best musical experiences of our careers for sure.

Octave One, Electronic Dance Music Band Of Brothers Lenny & Lawrence Burden.


Stephen Hussey's enthusiasm and skill at getting the best out of his players and the session as a whole always makes him and the USO my first call for studio work.

Benjamin Robbins, Record Producer.


I produced a record which needed strings. So I thought it would be a great time to team up with USO and the results were amazing. The arrangements were more than myself and the artist bargained for. Plain and simple, USO are in a league of their own. Stephen you are a genius.

Darren Martyn, Producer.