Stephen has worked on several full film scores as well as many tracks that have been used as TV and film underscore including Nightmares on Wax Les Nuits and Octave One Blackwater. Stephen possesses the key skills of a good orchestrator: the ability to convey to the orchestra the musical ideas, characterisation and emotions of the composer. He is also highly knowledgeable about the practicalities of orchestration, including musical language and conventions, orchestral hierarchy, function and scoring. He has the ability to quickly develop deep musical relationships based on this knowledge, combined with empathy towards composers and their work. 

Stephen has been a key part of many creative teams for composers including numerous projects with Nitin Sawhney, Ruth Barrett (for the hit ITV show Whitechapel), Erran Baron-Cohen, Rhett Brewer, Ian Mack and Spiral Music. Stephen and his team can also provide full score editing and copyist services for composers.  


Stephen has the requisite professional technical expertise of both the recording and production process. He is also a proficient score editor in Logic and Sibelius.


Stephen Hussey worked closely on the orchestration with Nitin Sawhney for this awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, heart-stopping landmark series

Stephen and Nitin enjoyed orchestrating the powerful music for this documentary about the planet's natural wonders

Stephen Hussey's involvement in the making of the soundtrack for Sony Playstation's video game Heavenly Sword

Stephen Hussey at RWD Magazine's Orchestral Mixtape Project Live at Kings Place with urban artists G FrSH, J2K, Khalia, MC Versatile, hosted by DJ Target

Stephen co-orchestrated with Nitin a newly commissioned soundtrack for the movie ‘The Lodger’, one of Ivor Novello’s iconic early works